Lamellasome™ Platform

LAMELLASOME™ therapeutics are synthetic anionic lipid vesicles composed proprietary blends of lipids based on naturally occurring human lamellar bodies/exosomes. Lamellar is the only organisation exploiting the biophysical and drug delivery properties of lamellar bodies.

While the alveolar lamellar body (commonly known as surfactant) had been well profiled, Lamellar’s founder James Dobbie pioneered the discovery of the natural serous lamellar body. Given the observed in-life properties of these lamellar bodies, Lamellar created a synthetic mimetic based on their component phospholipids, then successfully demonstrated the mimetic’s biophysical properties on the components of cystic fibrosis (CF) sputum. This novel mimetic was patented as LMS-611 and the technology trademarked as LAMELLASOME™. LAMELLASOME™ have biophysical properties essentially identical to those of a natural lamellar body.

LAMELLASOME™ therapeutics are synthetically formulated. As such, they do not require harvesting or human extraction, and they can be manufactured using standard, scalable industry processes and components that facilitate commercially competitive COGS. They have been proven to be clinically safe, and they can be optimised to deliver active payloads such as gene therapies and anti-infectives.

LAMELLASOME™ vesicles properties can be engineered, for example by controlling their size, charge, lamellarity, and rigidity in order to:

  • Avoid cell toxicity and enhance protective pulmonary attributes.
  • Encapsulate or complex with hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs and gene therapies.
  • Modify release, enhance bioavailability and reduce toxicity of pulmonary drugs.
  • Optimise specific biophysical properties such as mucus penetration


LAMELLASOME™ therapeutics have an excellent preclinical safety profile, including very high NOAEL (No-Observed-Adverse-Effect-Level) - taken from inhalation toxicology - and excellent clinical safety profile.






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