About Lamellar
About Lamellar

Strategic out-licensing, co-development and partnering

Safe and effective delivery is clearly a challenge for many types of active agent nucleic acids in development. There has been more than 2,900 gene therapy clinical trials initiated since 1989, with viral vectors used in around 2/3rds of trials (Source: The Journal of Gene Medicine - http://www.abedia.com/wiley/vectors.php).

Viral transfection vectors have a number of drawbacks as they can trigger immune responses and present potential safety issues, while their production processes are complex and expensive. Using standard manufacturing processes, LAMELLASOME™ formulations offer the ability to customise composition and characteristics to specific nucleic acids, as well as remarkably low immunogenicity.

Lamellar Biomedical intends to tailor its LAMELLASOME technology to safely and effectively deliver nucleic acid-based therapeutics to their target cells in order to optimise their functionality.

Lamellar Biomedical is keen to explore potential opportunities for collaboration with organisations seeking a delivery solution for their active agent nucleic acids.

Lamellar is also interested in discussing potential out-licencing or co-development agreements with organisations who have the focus and capability to take either of our lead products - the LAMELLASOME™ IPF-NA and/or LAMELLASOME™ CF-NA products – through clinical development.

Lamellar is also looking for partners for their monotherapy LAMELLASOME™ antifibrotic platform for both pulmonary (e.g. all forms of alveolar fibrosis) and non-pulmonary indications e.g. NASH.

Investigating partnering opportunities

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