Other programmes

Lamellar is involved in other areas of research investigating the capabilities of the Company’s proprietary LAMELLASOME™ technology

Anti-infective platform:
Lamellar is developing an anti-infective potentiation platform based on the ability of LAMELLASOME™ to deliver active agents, penetrate mucus, interfere with bacterial biofilm formation, disrupt bacterial communication, impact the host immune response and potentiate the activity of antibiotics in vivo.
In vitro data indicates that LAMELLASOME™ vesicles have the potential to penetrate mucus within CF lungs. Here they can inhibit early bacterial biofilm formation and influence the host immune response to control excess inflammation, reducing fibrosis and the lung damage associated with this disease. The vesicles can also be loaded with antibiotics to efficiently deliver effective concentrations of the drug directly through mucus to the site of infection, reducing chronic infection, which will in turn improve lung function and quality of life in individuals with CF.

Lamellar is focused on developing multiple products which help combat infections and anti-microbial resistance in Cystic Fibrosis-related infections. Anti-infective LAMELLASOME™ formulations under development include nebulised products to treat biofilm infections of Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Burkholderia, Achromobacter and Stenotrophomonas spp.

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