Lamellasome™ Platform

The discovery of insulin transformed the management of diabetes by using the body’s own natural mechanisms. The LAMELLASOME™ platform technology takes a similar approach to address a much wider range of diseases where need is unmet. 

LAMELLASOME™ technology harnesses the body’s natural ability to self-correct, enabling us to modulate how it responds to complex problems. It does this by replacing missing parts that the body needs to fight disease. The technology has an excellent safety and toxicology profile because the body doesn’t see it as an intruder. By preventing an excessive immune response, we empower the body to address disease more effectively in its own way. 

This is made possible by our ability to engineer synthetic versions of natural human lamellar bodies. Lamellar bodies are multi-tasking units in human tissue which play important roles in maintaining or restoring healthy body functions. They can be found in the lungs, eyes, skin and mouth. 

LAMELLASOME™ technology harnesses the surfactant properties of lamellar bodies to naturally adjust the properties of biogels such as nasal mucus. It can also deliver therapeutic payloads across difficult-to-permeate barriers and membranes thanks to lamellar bodies’ role as natural vectors. 

Lamellasome’s capabilities lend themselves to a wide range of therapeutic areas, as well as disease prevention.


  • Antibiotic potentiation
  • Wider treatment of fibrosis, such as fibrotic diseases of the skin or colon (Crohn’s disease).


  • Prevention of Covid-19 infection through the nose
  • Mucus removal in cystic fibrosis
  • Treatment of dry eye disease
  • Freeing up blocked eustachian tubes

Gene therapy

  • Treating biogen pathogens in cystic fibrosis
  • Topical delivery of active agents, for example in macular degeneration


LAMELLASOME™ therapeutics are synthetic anionic lipid vesicles composed proprietary blends of lipids based on naturally occurring human lamellar bodies/exosomes. 

LAMELLASOME™ therapeutics are synthetically formulated. As such, they do not require harvesting or human extraction, and they can be manufactured using standard, scalable industry processes and components that facilitate commercially competitive COGS. They have been proven to be clinically safe, and they can be optimised to deliver active payloads such as gene therapies and anti-infectives.

LAMELLASOME™ vesicles properties can be engineered, for example by controlling their size, charge, lamellarity, and rigidity in order to:

  • Avoid cell toxicity and enhance protective pulmonary attributes.
  • Encapsulate or complex with hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs and gene therapies.
  • Modify release, enhance bioavailability and reduce toxicity of pulmonary drugs.
  • Optimise specific biophysical properties such as mucus penetration

LAMELLASOME™ therapeutics have an excellent preclinical safety profile, including very high NOAEL (No-Observed-Adverse-Effect-Level) - taken from inhalation toxicology - and excellent clinical safety profile.     



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