Lamellasome Platform

LAMELLASOME™ Nucleic Acid Transfer (NAT) Platform

LAMELLASOME formulations are dispersions of lipid vesicles with compositions based on human lamellar bodies/exosomes. The LAMELLASOME formulations are purely synthetic. As such, they do not require harvesting or human extraction, and they can be manufactured using standard industry processes. They have been proven to be safe and exhibit remarkably low immunogenicity, and they can be optimised to deliver functional therapeutic payloads of specific nucleic acids to a range of cell types and diseases.

While the alveolar lamellar body (commonly known as surfactant) had been well profiled, Lamellar’s founder James Dobbie pioneered the discovery of the extra-alveolar lamellar body. Given the observed in-life properties of these lamellar bodies, Lamellar created a synthetic mimetic based on their component phospholipids, then successfully demonstrated the mimetic’s biophysical properties on cystic fibrosis (CF) sputum.  This novel mimetic was patented as LMS-611 and the technology trademarked as LAMELLASOME. LAMELLASOME have biophysical properties essentially identical to those of a natural lamellar body.

Lamellar continue to develop and optimise the biophysical properties of LAMELLASOME. However, since 2018 the company’s primary focus has been on nucleic acid transfer (NAT).  Lamellar are harnessing the natural Lamellar body nucleic acid cell to cell transport capabilities with our synthetic LAMELLASOME technology.

The proprietary LAMELLASOME NAT platform can deliver a spectrum of nucleic acids from microRNAs (18-22 nucleotides) to plasmids (≥6 kilobases (kb)), providing a safe and effective alternative to non-viral transfection. It can also be manufactured using standard industry processes.

Lamellar Biomedical is keen to explore potential opportunities for collaboration with organisations seeking a delivery solution for their active agent nucleic acids.



LAMELLASOME™ Features & Capabilities

Broad range and great potential
The LAMELLASOME™ platform delivers nucleic acids to a diverse range of cells, offering the opportunity to realise the potential on many active-agent nucleic acids (e.g. microRNAs, siRNAs, mRNAs , plasmid DNA, etc) and revolutionise the treatment of many diseases. Lamellar has shown functional in vivo delivery to pulmonary cells and in vitro nucleic acid delivery to macrophages, human pulmonary fibroblasts and human dendritic cells.

Safe, effective and functional
The nature of the delivery represents a considerable advance in safe and effective transfection with all transfected cells types demonstrating high viability, maintenance of phenotype and high transfection rates. In addition, Lamellar has demonstrated clear target downregulation by the transfected nucleic acid. This novel technology does not utilise viral vectors or cationic or divalent ion-associated liposomes. LAMELLASOME monotherapy formulations have an excellent preclinical safety profile, very high NOAEL (No-Observed-Adverse-Effect-Level) - taken from inhalation toxicology - and excellent clinical safety profile. 

Standard processing & customizable formulation
LAMELLASOME™ formulation uses standard scalable processes and conventional materials. Lamellar has the know-how to customise and optimise the technology to deliver nucleic acids across the entire spectrum i.e. from microRNAs to plasmids. Lamellar is keen to engage with companies with nucleic acids in development to demonstrate the ability of LAMELLASOME™ to deliver effectively.

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