Lamellar – Research Partnerships to Expand the Potential of Lamellsomes

Lamellar has a number of ongoing research projects with the following institutions, reflecting the significant potential for the Company’s unique lamellasome technology:


Lamellar’s CMO partner Nova Laboratories (Nova) is a privately owned organisation that operates under MHRA licences in the following areas:

  • ‘Specials’ Compounding.
  • Clinical Manufacturing.
  • Commercial Manufacturing.
  • Support Services.

Nova has developed extensive expertise in the use of high-integrity, gassed isolator technology (acknowledged by regulators as ‘Advanced Aseptic Technology’). Nova’s ability to perform complex and novel aseptic processes has resulted in clinical manufacturing of parenterals and devices becoming the largest and fastest growing of their manufacturing activities and has also allowed them to develop commercial manufacturing processes for specialist sterile products.

Above: Modular sterile manufacturing facilities at Nova

Avanti Polar Lipids

Avanti is a privately owned corporation registered in Alabama USA. It was founded in 1969 and currently employs approximately 95 people, of which twelve are PhD chemists employed for synthetic and analytical chemical development. It has a 21,000 sq.ft. cGMP manufacturing facility with dedicated 14,000 sq.ft Quality Control laboratories.

The management team has considerable experience, with the majority of senior managers being with the company more than 10 years. The business produces lipids for both research and cGMP usage. It has an extensive history of FDA inspections both for pre-approvals and routine site visits.


Aero Pump

Aero Pump supply proven preservative-free multi-dose sterile droppers and sprays with innovative and patented 3K technology with triple protection to prevent microbial contamination:

  • Prevention of microbial contamination.
    • microbiological sealed valve.
  • Prevention of microbial growth.
    • microporous filter matrix with bactericidal effect.
  • Reduction of microbial growth.
    • silver coil with bactericidal effect.

The Aero Pump sprays and droppers are CE device marked components delivering accurate and reproducible doses for patient application. Aero Pump supply the delivery components for both Visco-ease and Lamelleye.

Scottish Lifesciences Association (SLA)

Lamellar is proud to be a member of the SLA. This comprises 125 member companies and organisations and is the voice of Scotland’s Life Sciences industries. By networking with their members through 11 Special Interest Groups, the SLA help grow their members businesses, while engaging with the NHS and Government to grow the Life Sciences sector in Scotland.

The SLA and NHS Scotland created the Health Innovation Partnership which helps Life Sciences and the NHS coordinate mutually beneficial development programs, Lamellar was one of the first 10 companies to participate in this pioneering initiative.