Lamellar Biomedical Limited: The Company

Lamellar Biomedical is an innovative, biotechnology company bringing new patent protected medical products to the healthcare market.

These products are based upon Lamellar’s proprietary Lamellasome™ technology. Lamellasomes™ are mimetics of native extra-alveolar lamellar bodies.

These lipid vesicles regulate the key interfaces between internal tissues e.g. in the pleural cavity separating the chest wall and the lungs and between the body and the external environment as in the conducting airways of the lungs and in the mouth.

Research into the unique properties of extra-alveolar lamellar bodies has shown that many conditions are associated with dry or sticky mucosal surfaces e.g. Cystic Fibrosis, which could be modified by the application of Lamellasomes™.

Recognising the considerable clinical potential of lamellar bodies, the Company was established in June 2007 acquiring the intellectual property rights to Lamellasome™ technology with the aim of commercialising these unique and ubiquitous vesicles.

Collaborations are a key element of Lamellar’s strategy and the Company works closely with clinical centres-of-excellence to identify conditions where current treatment options are limited and/or expensive.

As a result Lamellar is working on the following therapeutic areas:

Therapeutic areas


Radiotherapy Induced Xerostomia (RIX) for Head and Neck Cancer with The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.


Cystic Fibrosis (CF) with the West of Scotland Cystic Fibrosis centre.


Dry Eye Disease (DED) with Glasgow Caledonian University Vision Sciences.

Given its biophysical effects, Lamellar is developing OXB/1-20 and CXB/1-14 as medical devices for RIX and DED respectively.

For CF, Lamellar has received EU Orphan Drug Status and is developing PMB/1-nn as an inhaled drug product. Lamellar has completed a pre-IND development meeting with the UK MHRA for CF.

Lamellar accesses the expertise of Avanti Polar Lipids (US) for the supply of high-quality raw material lipids and Nova Laboratories (UK) for the manufacture of all Lamellasome™ final products.

In addition to patent protection, Lamellar also has registrations in relation to the Lamellasome™ Trademark.