Lamellar Biomedical Ltd is a privately held company focused on development and
commercialisation of lamellar body-mimetics, Lamellasomes™.

The Company

Principal research into the Lamellar Body Secretory System and discovery of the extra-alveolar body was undertaken by the late Dr James Dobbie, formerly Medical Director of Baxter Healthcare, Eminent Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and recipient of the Distinguished Scientist Award. In the 1980s, electron microscopy revealed for the first time the existence of the lipid vesicles now known as lamellar bodies. Stimulated by these findings, Dr James Dobbie, initiated an exploration of tissues which disclosed the uniqueness and ubiquity of extra-alveolar lamellar bodies in body cavities, passages, in the lining fluids between tissues e.g. the pleura of the lung and between tissues and the external environment e.g. respiratory airways, mouth and ears and their potential for the treatment of a range of diseases.

Lamellar Biomedical Ltd was established in June 2007 when the founding Directors of the Company, recognising the considerable therapeutic potential of Lamellasomes™, acquired the intellectual property rights to the technology.


The Company benefits from having an entrepreneurial Board of Directors and Management Team, a Scientific Advisory Board of eminent scientists and a Research Team with intimate knowledge of lamellar body physiology and pathology.

The Company completed a £3.3 million fund raising in December 2012.  The funds came from existing investors including the angel investors Barwell and TriCap as well as Scottish Enterprise. Funds managed by Invesco Perpetual now form the largest shareholding in the company. 

Electron micrograph of
Lamellasome vesticles


Located on the Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, United Kingdom and within easy access to international airports, the Company operates from modern, well equipped laboratories and offices.  Alongside our own research and collaborations with industrial and academic partners, we are also able to offer services in electron microscopy.  Development activities are currently out-sourced to world-class, experienced and accredited contract research and manufacturing organisations.

Intellectual property protects the use of Lamellasome™ multi-lamellar vesicles for therapeutic purposes.  Patent families are being developed to protect the Company’s intellectual property.  Trade Mark Registrations in relation to the Lamellasome™ mark have been pursued in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Europe.